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New version of

A newly upgraded and expanded version of will soon be available

12 Mayıs 2009

New version of

A newly upgraded and expanded version of will soon be available

Available for download on through the link “Mutriban” are:  Mevlevi Ayin-i Sherif recordings (Whirling Prayer Ceremonies), Ayin-i Sherif scores (Ayin-i Sherif notalari), concert recordings (Konserler), various Taksims (ney and other instrument solo improvisations), and also ilahi scores (ilahî notalar?) which are hymns or sacred songs based on sufi poems in praise of God, the Prophet, and the sufi saints.  

Registration is required for downloads.  Please follow these steps to register:

1. On the right column of the main page from the link for is a link titled “Kay?t Ol” .  Click on this link which leads to “register:”

2.  Next under the section titled “Kullan?c? ad?” select your login name. 

3.  Then under the section titled “E-posta” type in your email address.

4. Also be sure to answer the math question in the section below titled “Hesaplay?n!

5.  Now select the link “Kay?t Ol” and an email will be sent to the address you chose in step 3 which will contain your password to use (along with your login name from step 2) when you log into  If you do not receive the email then depending on your email security settings it may appear in your spam folder. (Because we are updating the webpage it may take a little while to receive the email)

6.  Now from the main page of on the right column you can input your login name (Kullan?c? Ad? ) and password (?ifre) and then select the link “Giri?” to log in.  Also note the box titled Beni Hat?rla” which you can first select if you want your login and password to be remembered.

7. When you open the downloaded file, remember when asked for the password that it is ""

We are currently in the middle of updating and expanding the webpage.  Because of these recent updates, our old members will need to renew their memberships.  In?aAllah (Allah willing) we will also have an English version of the page available in the future.  If you have any questions or concerns then please contact us at: Thank you.

Semazen net/


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