A dialogue on the shore


A dialogue on the shore


All Rumi‘s lyrics are hymns of divine music. They are composed in ecstasy and in Sama(whirling), mostly written by his devotees. Love is the central theme of most poems which all elements of being dance and whirl around it. Rumi employs most number of rhythms(Arooz) in Persian classical poetry. He knows the secret of divine music and hence to utilize it to embody the love ecstasy and convey a part of it. The beloved is always the same one disguised in a body and identified by the lover. This beloved is often Shams Tabrizi, the master of Rumi and the mirror of divine beauty on whose face he discovers the secret of unity and unifies with him at last. This poem is one of those exciting lyrics on which a dialogue changed into a hymn. The lover is drunk(frenzied) and the beloved is more yet! Madness of love is the central theme. An anchorless ship who couldn’t distinguish the kin and twins! He is from no-where and identified by the lover in somewhere! Half part is from here and the other part from there! Half part on the shore and the other half is shining pearl …

Let’s listen to this exciting song!

(مفعول مفاعیلن مفعول مفاعیلن (هزج مثمن اخرب

غزل شماره 2309

Translated into English by: Isa NURAZER

I am drunk you are frenzied!
Who will lead us on the way?
“Do not drink off so much”!
I warned you but you said nay!

I cast an eye all around
There is no one who is wise
Everybody is frenzied
The madness is on the rise!

My dear fellow would you come
To the pot-house to delight
Having not chat with beloved
There is no light at the night

All the drunks clap there
And joyfully dance around
The cupbearer of being
By royal cup would serve round

You are endowed to pot-house
You earn and pay just the wine
If you offer to wise one
Even a bit you will pine!

Hey thou! Cheerful harper!
Which of us is dead drunk?
Is it you who considers …
My enchantment as a junk!?

I knocked about at suburbs
Coming across a drunken
At his looking was hidden
A glorious rose garden

He was swinging as a ship
Without anchor left and right
Where too many wise masters
Envied and died at first sight

I asked: Where are you from?
He mocked and said: O my dear!
From so far half of me!
The other half is so near!

Half of me come from mud
From the heart half of me
Half of me wait on sea-shore
Other part is pearl! You see

I said: I am kin to you
’s be friend like twin
He said: I could not recall
Either foreign or the kin!

I lost my heart and turban
At vintner
’s house I stay
So words buried at my heart
Can I tell some in a way!?

When you walk with a lame one
You must limp and hesitate
If you don’t know this advice
Ask the master to state!

O ShamsalHak of Tabriz!
You excited sedition!
So don’t avoid us please
Come on with expedition!




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